Monday, October 22, 2007

Trick or treating tips?

Stumbled upon at this site. (Click to enlarge.)

Long Suffering Spouse has soured on Halloween to the point where I might even get away with the behavior depicted in panel no. 4.... (Hmmmmmmmm. I may even try this....)


may said...

just make sure you pour diet, not the regular soda :)

sari said...

I don't want to do Halloween either! Though I wouldn't waste my soda, I'd just hide in the back of the house with the front lights out.

Do you think my boys would let me get away with that?

katherine. said...

having lived in the mountains for so many years...I am really looking forward to having Trick or Treat-ers!

Patti said...

I see you are in the Halloween spirit, as am I. Check my blog. I just posted some hysterically funny (??) riddles for my readers' enjoyment.

giggle giggle