Thursday, October 18, 2007

A really scary story for Halloween -- with pictures

You're looking north on LaSalle Street at City Hall in Chicago. The photo was snapped a week or so ago. Doesn't it look nice?

And inside there are festive decorations --

Ooooooh. A scary witch flying along the ceiling! Oooooooh.

And a Haunted Halloween Circus display, too.

Pretty scary, eh kids?

Well, that's nothing compared to this: Mayor Daley wants to raise City taxes by $293 million.

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger wants to triple the sales tax and double the gas and parking taxes -- a total of $888 million in tax hikes.

Oh -- and the State is considering a sales tax increase to keep mass transit going.

Witches and warlocks don't scare Chicagoans. Heck, here in Chicago, ghosts even vote. No, nothing is scarier here than politicians at budget time.

Happy Halloween.


Jeni said...

Hmmmm. Methinks perhaps the reputation Illinois politicians, especially Chicagoans, reached Pennsylvania and those in Harrisburg have been, for several years now, trying to emulate your reps there. The last two years, since they passed a really ridiculous pay raise for themselves and the judges in the state have created a lot of havoc here with the current campaign now being to vote out every justice on the state supreme court for openers! I'd like to take a big broom to the state house here myself. Nothing scarier though for sure than a politician at budget passing time!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a pity that wouldn't happen here.

Linda said...

If I remember my history at all, Chicago politics have always been pretty scary, haven't they?

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh my. Is there no fit city or state in which to live anymore? I'm sick of politics! Where's Jimmy Stewart when you need him? We need another "Mr. Smith goes to Washington!"

Mother Jones RN said...

It’s a pity that dead people are more likely to vote than those who are among the living. I miss Chicago:-)

Patti said...

I echo Linda's comments. I've never heard anything good about politics in Chicago!