Monday, October 22, 2007

On leaving comments

You know how I try, at least, to control my impulses to spout political opinions here at Second Effort... but, from time to time, I allow myself the luxury of reading and sometimes commenting on other, more political, sites.

I recently left a little bit of doggerel on the Capitol Fax blog in a contest for a tongue-in-cheek 'pledge of allegiance' to the State of Illinois. The link above will take you to a follow-up post on Mr. Miller's site: My effort was judged among the finalists. That post, in turn, was picked up by Eric Zorn, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, in yesterday's paper. So the Curmudgeon's hit the big-time... sort of.... (Naturally, the link is unavailable at present -- but I'll update later.)

And speaking of leaving comments, special thanks must be given to Patti of Late Bloomer Boomer who left comments on 10 of my recent posts over the weekend. I logged into the email account that handles comments here and about fell over in shock when I saw the number of waiting messages.... So, Patti: Special thanks.

The Sunday column is not on line; I missed Zorn's column last Tuesday when he first solicited pledges. Here, however, is Zorn's follow up in his blog last Friday and his post yesterday linking back to the Capitol Fax Blog... wherein I was named one of the winners.

Go figure.


Patti said...

You're most welcome. I was simply catching up on some reading. You know how that goes.

congrats on making the big time there Mr. Curmudgeon!

Patti said...

woo hoo! you got a lot of votes for your Pledge over at Capitol Fax. good job, sir

katherine. said...

your pledge was great....sorta seuss-esque

Rich Miller said...

Congrats on winning. :)

sari said...

I'll have to check out your link, but Patti is always good for comments, isn't she??

I so need to catch up on things!