Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fearless NLCS and ALCS predictions... sort of

In light of my recent spectacular failures in prediction the outcomes of the first round of the MLB playoffs, gamblers from around the world may be hovering in the wings waiting for me to proclaim my choices in the ALCS and NLCS... so they can go the other way.

And I'm sure that Boston fans (being instinctively more superstitious than Cleveland fans, I think) are hoping I won't pick the Carmines to advance.

As for the NLCS, Sari doesn't care who I pick: She sees the hand of Destiny guiding the Diamondbacks.

But (*drum roll*), without further adieu, I predict (1) that both series should be great, and I'll enjoy them more because I don't care who advances,(2) I'd enjoy the NLCS more if Chip Caray weren't doing the play-by-play and (3) I'd enjoy the ALCS more if Tim McCarver weren't providing 'analysis.'

Now, about the migration of major sports events to cable... and cable companies trying to create "premium" sports packages... a whiny rant is in formation, but you feel free to start the discussion in the comments already.

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74WIXYgrad said...

No predictions here, just hopes.

I hope the Blues beat the Beaneaters.