Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Problem solving 101

From this morning's Quick Takes column in the Chicago Sun-Times:
The British secretary of state for education has responded to failures of British schools to meet standards in regular national curriculum tests of schoolchildren by announcing that regular national curriculum tests of schoolchildren will be discontinued.
That's what we need in our public servants! See a problem -- and sweep it right under the rug devise a solution.


Claire said...

Are you trying to make Brits look bad?lol.
Its apparently being done to alleviate stress and some other rubbish!
Claire aka British.

The Beach Bum said...

We have been sweeping our problems under the rug for years. If recall correctly, Mike Royko wrote (in the 1970's) a column about the Chicago Public School's superintendent proposing the elimination of standardize testing of High School students. The testing made the Chicago Board of Education look bad.
This was 30 or more years ago.
I am a product of the Chicago Public School, and I believe that I received a good education. A better education than my children had received in an affluent Maryland community.

Stan Bull said...

To be fair, the Education Sec. Alan Johnson is one of the more competent ministers in what is a chaotically incompetent government. The Education Secretary was forced to admit yesterday that three years after promising to rebuild all 3,500 high schools before 2020, not one project has been completed. Typical. said...

i like your dedication to your blog and dry sense of humor.

Lahdeedah said...

I wish we could do that with our testing!

We are raising a generation of kids that can take tests.

They don't actually learn anything, but they are masters at filling in dots with perfectly sharpened no. 2 pencils.

Smalltown RN said...

Well at least they recognize there is something wrong. How they chose to deal with it is another matter.