Friday, January 26, 2007

Driver produces false ID -- the ID of a person wanted for possession of false ID

I can't blame you if your head has already begun hurting as you try and puzzle that one out. Here is a link to Gene Haschak's story in this morning's Kane County editions of the Daily Herald newspaper which tries to explain.

Since I don't know how long the link will be active, here is most of the story:
When an Elgin man bought a fraudulent identification card for $100, he got more than he bargained for — the man whose identity was used on the fake ID was wanted by police.

Juan Galvan, 25, of 1057 South St., Elgin, was arrested at 12:30 a.m. Thursday on the Kimball Street bridge. Police said the tan Maxima he was driving had license plates that were registered to a Saturn.

Galvan handed police identification with the name and personal information of Juan Perez-Leon, who was born on Aug. 22, 1981.

Police checked and found Perez-Leon was wanted on a warrant for a 2004 charge. That charge was for possession of a fraudulent identification card, according to a police report.

Galvan was charged Thursday with possession of a fraudulent identification card.

He also was cited for no insurance, no driver’s license, improper use of registration and suspended license plates, police said.
Listening to this story this morning on the radio I was put in mind of two opposing mirrors... look into either one and see reflections back stretching into infinity.

The Daily Herald story suggests the moral, "Be careful what you pay for." Can you come up with a better one?


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"Two for One."

I love stories of stupid criminals.