Friday, January 19, 2007

The Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle

A true blast from the past. I have the record -- in all its actual vinyl, 33⅓ RPM glory -- at home in the basement. If the Bears actually win Sunday, maybe they'll reissue it on CD. Or this video on DVD.

Watch this now. Dancing is optional, especially if you're at work.


Barb said...

Good job.. you did it! New challenge on my blog lol

Ben and Bennie said...

TC, I'm a lifelong (almost) Minnesota Vikings fan. Please don't laugh. It's a curse.

I'll be pulling for da' Bears tomorrow just because they play in the NFC Norris and outside. But I think the Saints are gonna do it.

I'd like to see "old school" teams like the Bears and Colts go at it in two weeks.