Friday, January 19, 2007

Lynn Johnston's just teasing us -- isn't she?

Now that Liz has dumped Paul the two-timing cop, she's just going to settle for Anthony. On the double rebound, no less.

Or does Warren really have a chance?

Do we dare hope?


Amazing Gracie said...

Personally, I figured she'd rebound with Anothony! He's still back waiting in the courthouse, isn't he???

I know I'm a lightweight when it comes to cold weather. If I had to spend a winter in Chicago, I wouldn't know how to behave.

I was born in So. Cal and moved to the San Joaquin Valley in the '70's. We're thinking of moving up to the mountains where it does actually snow to save on the cooling bills here in the summer. Our air conditioning bill for July was $400. But it does get to be over 100 degrees. I don't know how that would be offset by heating bills though.

Our air here is visible. Literally. When you fly in you can see the brown stuff hanging over the valley, so we'd love to move out of it and be able to breath again. Every ENT MD is booked and we all walk around with chronic sinus infections. I think I'd rather trade for the higher heating bills!

Don't be a stranger...

Smalltown RN said...

I haven't followed Lyn Johnston so can't really comment. But nice to see the comic side of you about those panties....what colour are they?

Lawfrog said...

I love For Better or For Worse! I've been following the story for quite some time. Paul deserves to be shot. Leading Liz on like that was ridiculous and terribly unfair. I hope he goes on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

As for Warren and Anthony, I suspect she will end up with the latter. Lyn seems to like to do things like that - Took Mike and Deanna forever to get together too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I am not familiar with this, but it seems a lot are!

Anonymous said...

Show us your undercrackers Curmudgeon!

(Did I really just say that?)

Anonymous said...

Lucky Liz, it's nice to have a choice. Nothing worse than Mr Wrong.

sari said...

I think she'll end up with Anthony, though I think he's kind of a goober. I think it's the mustache, he needs to get rid of it (nice opinion to have for a comic, right? just have him "shave" - or erase).

I have to say, I saw the Paul/new teacher thing coming before Elizabeth even left Mgitwagiagiagii. (I can't spell it). Mgigtakwi? Migtawgi? Eh!

Warren doesn't have enough history, though he does keep dropping in at opportune times, doesn't he?

the awkward epiphany said...

i don't know if you are particular about being connected with unacquainted bloggers, but based on my greenhorn assumption of what basic internet decency entails, i'm bringing to your attention that i've provided visitors with a link to your site from mine.

Sarge Charlie said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for the nice comments

Where fibers meet mud said...

I guess that is why we check it daily to see where the author will take us, now don't we?

Comic strips daily diversion to reality!

Bears still ahead in the 4th Quarter. I see the last time they won was the year I left Chicago!

Once a Bears/Cubs fan always a Bears/Cubs Fan!

cmhl said...

ahhhhhhhhhh, I am addicted to fbofw.. the pilot is going to fly off into the sunset, and she'll be with boring Anthony I betcha..