Friday, July 13, 2007

History on Trial

History on Trial, by Deborah Lipstadt, was recently listed among the Blogs of Note.

It's 15 minutes are over now, but the blog is interesting, challenging and worth a visit. It is, however, serious stuff.

Near the top of the page now are reports from Srebrenica (in Bosnia, part of what was Yugoslavia) about the excavation of mass graves and reburials of Muslims. Further down the page is this post about the on-air "death" of Farfour (or Farfur), the terrorist Mickey Mouse rip-off that Hamas has aired as "children's programming."


It's a digression, I know, but I have just spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a post by one of the regulars here about Farfour. I couldn't find it. I remember commenting on it; I thought I'd posted on it, too, but I apparently did not. In thinking about it, I seem to recall that there were two posts, on two different blogs I regularly visit... but my search came up empty.

If you know where these posts are, leave me a note so I can update this post and mention that link, or those links, too.

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