Friday, July 06, 2007

British Muslims condemn recent bombing attempts

Strong denunciation by British Muslims of the attempted London and Glasgow bombings is in the news today. Here is the link to the story about the denunciations that is posted on Al Jazeera.

The Al Jazeera article links to this page on Muslims United, a web site whose address indicates its British origin.

People like me fret about the alleged 'vast majority' of Muslims who supposedly reject terror and violence in the disguise of religion... but never seem to say or do anything about it.

These folks appear to be saying something. It is appropriate that we take note. And let us pray that it is the beginning of a trend.


MommasWorld said...

Strange I know but I have not heard many details on what happened in Glasgow. I have cousins in Glasgow and have not heard back from them. I am guessing they are vacationing somewhere.

I really need to pay more attention to the news but it upsets me. I. don't. want. to watch. I may have to get a thicker skin. :-)

Lahdeedah said...

I hope it becomes a trend. There is a perception that Muslims overall reject terror and violence, yet, there are very few instances in the media of Muslims decrying these acts.

I wonder if it is cultural, or just a passivity, or what... but I fret that the vast majority simply accept it as a way of life and don't believe a Muslim-to-Muslim demand to stop would do any good. So that was a nice thing to see.

Ralph said...

Indeed it is good to see somebody shouting out the truth. Not to single out Muslims, but don't most of us avert our eyes to wrong and say nothing often enough? Somebody saing "wrong is wrong" is important...

Shelby said...

great post.