Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Whatever happened to the 12 days of Christmas?

OK, it's Wednesday. Christmas Eve is Sunday and the cookies aren't done (though Long Suffering Spouse continues to make excellent progress) and the cards aren't mailed.

The cards are my problem. And I'm making no progress at all. For years I've used labels for mailing. I use them at work, too: Clear labels that take inkjet ink just fine thank you. I didn't change brands. I didn't change printers. I didn't change anything -- but the sheets from the new box will not line up. At all.

And why does everything have to be done by Sunday anyway?

Whatever happened to the 12 days of Christmas? They are supposed to start -- start, mind you -- on Monday. Christmas Day. That's only The First Day of Christmas. You know....
... this one?

But, no, by the time Christmas Day dawns, everything must not only be done, it's more than likely over. As it will be at our house. If we ever get anything wrapped.

Meantime, I have an evidence deposition to prepare for tomorrow. I can't believe it's going to go ahead -- I wouldn't produce the Defendant if I were representing him -- my case would be harder if the Defendant merely admitted liability and made me try the case on damages. I'd explain... but I really should be reading the file because I was just brought into the case and I don't know it yet. And I promised that I'd prepare a complaint in a new case for a municipal client by Friday... and I really need to start that too. And though I finally got (yesterday!)the settlement checks on a case I'd settled in October -- the one in which the carrier made a bogus attempt to try and get a subro lien paid out of my proceeds -- I do have to worry about how we're going to get through February. So I have to get my billing out.

Which means I have to catch up on my timesheets.

Which means I shouldn't be here blogging, right? Well, maybe just a little more later... if I get something done....


Lois Lane said...

The person who wrote the 12 days of Christmas obviously didn't have a job. I bet it was some "born into money" sonofa... who had nothing but time to kill.
Good luck getting everything done. :)

Lois runs off singing.... 5 GOLDEN RINGS!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's just about what Christmas is!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas cards aren't mailed, either!

Barb said...

It's all about priorities. Blog first, everything else later (wink)