Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jury Verdict

This blog has been reviewed on Soap Box Jury and we're pleased to share the results.

Of course, if the Curmudgeon listened to me I'm sure we'd have gotten a 9 out of 10.

Soapbox Jury is evidently an English enterprise, as this classic bit of reserve and understatement illustrates: "This is a lengthy blog and it has taken me about an hour just to skim through all the posts – please excuse my comparative brevity of review."

What a lovely way of saying the Curmudgeon is too long-winded!


Anonymous said...

I think that's a great review! I asked for mine to be reviewed.. we'll see.

SQT said...

8 out of 10 is pretty darn good.

sari said...

"A well-written and comprehensive account of The Curmudgeon's life, mainly from the angle of a lawyer and parent. Well worth a visit." forgot to put all of it down. You're a little too humble.

Congratulations on a great review!

Anonymous said...

Pshaw.. I'd give you a 10/10 :)