Monday, December 04, 2006

Things you don't need to see on a Monday morning

The office routine starts the same way most Mondays: Clear the overdue bills off the chair and sit down. Look at the computer. OK. The virus scan had run over the weekend without incident.

But there, on the screen, over by the time indicator. What was that?

Uh oh. Updates available.

Mr. Gates must have decided that I needed something new on my computer.

The problem with updates is that one risks much by ignoring them -- and loses considerable time by downloading them. Unless this is your first time here, you are well aware that I don't need any help from Mr. Gates in order to waste time.

But I bit the bullet and clicked the shield.

And what did I find out? Mr. Gates was tired of waiting for me to download IE7 voluntarily.

So now I have it. And it does not seem to work. And I have work to do today and court in the suburbs early this afternoon. So no time to play now.

That's my nominee for something I didn't need to see this morning. What's yours? (Keep it clean.)


Anonymous said...

something i didn't need to see on a monday morning? i guess it would be all these still as yet unpacked suitcases in the living room floor. sigh..... i know. they won't unpack themselves. actually i did all the clothes already, it's just the other "stuff" that has to be put away. and i hate mess of any kind. and i am still tired. i know, get on it, right? okay. okay. bee

Anonymous said...

you know how there is an option that says:"continue what i was doing"? click that, and continue what you were doing. even if it was just staring at the computer screen. then, your monday morning routine is done :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what is it about Monday mornings. Even my sons say it's their worst day of the week because they have their least favourite lessons that day.

I've just written two posts with a legal slant, it would be interesting to hear the expert American perspective.

Anonymous said...


Just popped over from Elle's blog to say hello. Note your comments and will reply in a bit.

I hate Monday's as well. I had to deliver a workshop on web development and marketing to a darling bunch of behaviourally challenged little darling teenage girls. OMFG. By 10.30 am I wanted a LARGE vodka. I started at 10am. I'm just wandering if I murdered a priest in a previous life.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What I don't need to see, especially on a computer is the message 'the router is not working'

Anonymous said...

Install Firefox. Works better than IE (even IE 7) and no worries about it not working.
Takes about two minutes.
As for what I don't need to see on a Monday morning? A sick husband comes to mind, since that's what I woke up to. And it's not cause he's awful when he's sick, it's just cause I hate when he feels bad. Although, with him not going in to work today, it eases my own schedule tremendously, this way, I don't have to go anywhere til I go to work at 7 tonight.
Hope the rest of your day is better!

Anonymous said...

What I hate to see on Monday mornings? The alarm clock reading 6AM.

Anonymous said...

Fat women in Lycra.

Not on Monday morning. Not ever.

Hairy men with potbellies and back hair in Speedos, also.

SQT said...

Today I don't need to see mattresses stacked in my dining room.

That doesn't make sense you say? It doesn't to me either. We got some new beds for the kids and as my husband and I were bringing in the new ones, my husband put the old ones in the dining room. I can live with this temporarily, but my patience is wearing thin.

But he decided to rearrange the garage yesterday and was supposed to put them in there. But he decided that parking his car in the garage was more important than getting the mattresses out of the dining room.

If they are not out by tonight his car will be banished to the driveway by tomorrow as I will personally put those mattresses in the middle of the garage.

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

The clock - not because I wasn't ready to get up, but because I hadn't yet gone to sleep at 5 am... I was up all night Sunday night working on finalizing my legal memo and studying for Torts. I slept for 2 hours around lunch time.. studied more.. and now it is almost 9:30 pm and I'm still up. I'm not necessarily sleepy, but my brain isn't firing straight shots right now. I must log off and lay down. Tomorrow I've got so much more studying to do and I need to be rested and be on the right sleep schedule. I am sorry about your computer deal. Perhaps tomorrow will be an improvement for the techno gadgets. Can you say those things proximately cause schedule problems for us all?

Anonymous said...

Waking up and realizing my power has gone out and I had an appointment at 0900.

I will ditto the comment about men with hairy backs in speedos....never ever like to see that....sorry that is just a really big yucky for me.

An empty jug of skim milk in the fridge...meaning I don't have milk for my latte. Urgh!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY early this morning I saw Cannot connect blah blah blah.. my internet was down for about half an hour. I managed to survive.

The Curmudgeon said...

Some interesting... and scary nominees here. Lycra... speedos... oh my.

Barb -- a half hour of down time? Did you get the shakes?

Shel -- I use Firefox as a rule -- but Mr. Gates fooled me into downloading this "critical update" -- which apparently now works.

And don't you love how Mr. Gates has to "validate" your copy of Windows every time you turn around?

And SQT -- do cars really go in garages?

Anonymous said...

I have Firefox too. Annoying to have these time consuming IT problems when you have to keep a focused mind for court.

I hope Teri got through her day ok, it sounds like she is pretty nifty with IT.

SQT said...

And SQT -- do cars really go in garages?


Only my husbands. Mine has never seen the inside of the garage.