Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Time wasters

Are you an idiot? Take this idiot test and prove it find out.

For winter sports addicts: Play Whack the Penguin. (No actual penguins were injured in the making of this game.)

This I saw at CMHL's site: Save the Snowman (Hangman with a festive, Holiday theme... and it turns out that there are a bunch of videos and other nonsense in the lower right hand corner of the Snowman puzzle. I hadn't noticed that the first time.)

I guess I'm collecting. Got any more?


cmhl said...

I am a border-line idiot, as expected.

Anonymous said...

yep you're right, it's a time waster.. I did the idiot game a while. If it says I'm pretty doggone smart, but it takes me 16 times, does that negate the meaning?

Anonymous said...

I never stood a chance!