Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remember the reason for the season, sure, but this is ridiculous

Father Marc Pasciak, pastor of St. Symphorosa Church, would like
to see the 32 stolen plastic Nativity figures make
it home for Christmas. (Chris Sweda/Daily Southtown)

Maybe the Baby Jesus in the creche in Carol Angiollo's yard looked lonely. Maybe (maybe??) teenagers sometimes do stupid things for no reason at all. Whether there was a reason or not, someone added 32 Baby Jesus figures to Mrs. Angiollo's Nativity display this weekend, according to Stefano Esposito's story in this morning's Chicago Sun-Times.

Mrs. Angiollo took the extras to her parish church. That's the pastor, above, with some of the recovered figures. Some of the neighbors have already stopped by the church to pick up their missing statues.

And a note to the kids who pulled this prank: Don't try to put anything in the Angiollos' yard again. "I have a feeling my husband is going to wire something up," Angiollo said.

Landmines perhaps? Sure, nothing says Christmas to me like a festive holiday trip-wire....

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Anonymous said...

As long as there's tinsel on the tripwire, it'll be fine..

I like this skittles link up thingy - trouble is my feed subscription list has reached the stage where I need a 25" monitor to read it.

Good blog ;-)