Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I have a fickle sidebar


That sounds risque.

But all I mean is that my sidebar appears and disappears according to notions of its own. It isn't there -- at present -- on the home page; it has been there, so far as I can tell, on individual posts.

And I'm using Firefox. And I've refreshed the page. Repeatedly.

I'm thinking it has a mind of its own.

Maybe it took mine.

If you see my sidebar, say hello for me, will you?


Dr. A said...

I'm on Firefox and I'm seeing the sidebar. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm on IE, i waved hello, and guess what, it waved back :)

Anonymous said...

I use FireFox and I waved hello :)

By the way.. I admire your courage for doing the linky things yesterday!!!

Anonymous said...

well curmy i use ie7 and i always see it just fine. does it go to the bottom or disappear? can you switch to beta yet? that is the answer i think. anyway, good luck my friend....bee