Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Twas the War Against Christmas -- Part II

From this morning's Chicago Sun-Times: Four year old twins send their letters to Santa -- but one comes back "with the notation 'Return to Sender, Insufficient Address, Unable to Forward.'"

Good thing that Fred Gailey isn't trying to defend Kris Kringle against an insanity charge this year.

And turning a few pages in the same paper, we find in this morning's Quick Takes column the following item:
News Item: "A hospital in England has told a group of Christmas carolers it may not do its usual seasonal round of the wards because of the risk of infection."
Because that Christmas Spirit may be contagious.

Happy Winter Solstice.


Anonymous said...

Cute kids, I wish my sons were still that age! I'm a twin too, btw, but have a brother.

off line said...

Chuckles! Nice catch!

& a Happy Winter Solstice to you.

You are such a good do you find the time?