Friday, December 22, 2006

More on Boogaloo Bug -- or -- how a Person of the Year tries to shamelessly manipulate the media

Last week I launched a new Holiday character, Boogaloo Bug.

Not a "feel-good" type of character -- on the contrary -- Boogaloo's the bug that seems to come to everyone's house in the Winter and make us sick. So he's a "feel-bad" character: He got Oldest Son the other day; yesterday, Youngest Son fell victim.

That's Boogaloo, looming above. No smart remarks, please about how poorly he's drawn. I never said I was an artist. You want an artist, visit Ben & Bennie.

Anyway, I've decided to launch a viral marketing campaign to spread the word about Boogaloo Bug.

Viral marketing for a virus, what do you think?

Now that Time Magazine has named me Person of the Year I figure it should be a snap for me to influence public opinion and turn Boogaloo Bug into a microscopic media star.

I can see the book and DVD royalties stacking up right now.

Or I may be hallucinating. Boogaloo Bug may have grabbed hold of me, too. Or it may have been all that Christmas cheer I consumed yesterday....

But just as soon as I regain consciousness, I'm going to start Googling Boogaloo Bug -- just waiting for that first reference to my little discovery that I myself did not make.

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landgirl said...

Boogaloo Bug hit me before I had made his acquaintance thorugh your blog. I must say I don't like him but I don't think that makes any difference in getting him promoted.