Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In a few years he'd be suing to have the picture removed

Patrick Agin (pictured above) likes to dress up. This is the picture he wants to make his "official" yearbook photo.

The school said no.

Now Agin's mother is suing to force the school to change its mind.

The school says he can't use this picture because it violates the school's "no weapons" policy -- a tough sell in a school with an armed Patriot as its mascot. So Mom's suit might just have a chance.

Now, I have some experience with teenage kids, so I'll try and translate my thoughts on this into the teenage argot: Dude, don't go with that picture, it makes you look like a total dork.


Anonymous said...


Barb said...

I think "dork" describes it well.

off line said...

must agree. But on the other hand this might be a unique teen...doesn't care what anybody thinks.
perhaps he's typical...teens sure are finding ways, as if spending over-time trying, to provoke their authorities in the education system.