Tuesday, December 12, 2006

OK, Google, stop pushing me around!

Yesterday, Google put up the little buttons that would enable me to "easily" migrate to Beta. I eschewed the invitation.

I've been noticing the complaints on one site and another about Beta... mostly about Beta customers being unable to leave comments on sites like this one... problems that always are eventually resolved... but I'm in no hurry to take on a new set of problems.

I have enough already.

But today Google is getting back at me. I can't leave comments -- even anonymous ones -- on Beta sites.

Hey Google: Work out all your Beta bugs and then I'll go on the system. OK?

In the meantime, stop messin' wit' me.

Update -- 4:30 pm

Still unable to post on Beta -- but if you can, go to Ben and Bennie's and leave your own encouragement. Since I can't send mine in a comment, I'm sending good vibes into the ether.


Dr. A said...

If it makes you feel any better, this is the fourth or fifth post I've read today complaining of comments and blogger.

I have no idea, but you're not alone. I can tell you one thing, though. Especially after today, I'm not switching to beta - not ever!

Anonymous said...

Let's see; is three really a charm? i am sorry if you end up getting all three of my attempts--ironic as it may be, given the subject matter. i am betamized after doing what i though was an "up date." May have created problems for myself...so i would seem...but i did get your message on my site. Thank you for that. Hope it works this time

Anonymous said...

i love beta. i am so glad i switched. the only problems i ever have are sometimes posting on non-beta sites. i don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to switch. sigh......bee

Anonymous said...

I made a placeholder beta account--- I'm holding off on switching because it hasn't let me in the past-- apparently I am too verbose. Go figure.

I am also afraid it will lose some of my widgets that I have installed.

Sharon said...

I worry about switching too. I can't comment on Beta sites any more (it seems) and I am very concerned about losing the widgets I've installed already.

Thanks for this post.It's enlightening.

sari said...

I was "invited" to join Beta, but I put it off for a few days.

Then, when I went yesterday to sign up, my invitation was gone.

And I can't post on Beta sites either, you're not the only one.

Stupid beta.

Barb said...

I've missed a lot of your posts :(