Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tagged by Bee -- the "7 P's" Meme -- and an Unscientific Survey

I've heard of sailing the Seven Seas... but sailing the 7 P's? That sounds... wrong somehow.

Nevertheless, duty calls, says the Empress Bee (the link being to the post in which this latest tag was made). Bee, in turn, had been tagged by Sandee, of Comedy Plus. The meme seems to have originated with Bucky in a blog called "The WVb."

No, I can't pronounce it either.

The idea is this: You take these seven "P" words and sort of fill in the implied blanks about yourself.

These are the 7 words:

I should caution you that I don't do these kinds of things well. (It's not just looks that would keep me out of any beauty contest.) However, here goes:

Purpose: To stay afloat long enough to get the kids through college. Anything after that is gravy.

Pursuit: Usually of the Almighty Dollar. Sometimes will also pursue a cold beverage.

Position: Right behind the eight ball.

Pummeling: One thing it is surely better to give than receive.

Progress: None, particularly of late.

Personality: Warped.

Now, the rules say I am to tag five people with this meme. And sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't. I guess this time I'll tag Linda, Barb, Patti, Shelby, and anyone else who wants to take a whack at this.


Now the quick unscientific survey: To meme or not to meme, that is my question. Do you like getting tagged? Do you feel left out if you're not tagged? Would you prefer not to be bothered with it? (Dr. A, I believe, declared his blog a tag-free zone at one point.)

I am certain that some people like being tagged because it gives them a ready-made subject for their blogs. It allows for the application of a little linkage and might even attract new readers, if only from the group of victims of the same tag persons tagged with the same meme.

I have a selfish purpose in asking this: In future, I want to tag people who want to be tagged... and not bother people who'd rather not. What's your opinion?

(I really am trolling for lots of comments on this, please.)


Shelby said...

Hi and happy wednesday ..

I shall do this meme-on the morrow-with smiles.

- - now I'm ever so gently and quite hesitantly am answering the unscientific survey with a very unhillary type vagueness..I do not like getting tagged.

There I said it.

I feel better.

Dr. A said...

You're right, my "p" word is "pass," meaning passing on memes. There was actually a great discussion about memes a few weeks ago. If you have about 45 minutes, there was a great internet radio show on this very topic. Click here for that show. And, here is the corresponding blog. Don't forget to tell 'em Dr. A sent ya!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i like some of 'em and if i don't, well, then i just say no thank you and i don't think anyone has gotten upset about it with me. what about YOU curmy???

smiles, bee


sari said...

I'm with Bee...some I like, some I don't.

I don't mind being tagged or not tagged (if I want to do it, sometimes I'll just do it anyway).

My problem is, even if I AM tagged, a lot of times I just forget to do the memes.

(there's that darn "I forget," - I see where my Five gets it now).

Shelby said...

well, going back to your post the other day about what not to say to a judge . . . I dug up this from "My Cousin Vinny."

It's quite funny.

Judge Chamberlain Haller: I don't like your attitude.

Vinny Gambini: So what else is new?

Judge Chamberlain Haller: I'm holding you in contempt of court.

Vinny Gambini: [to Bill] Now there's a [blanking] surprise.

Judge Chamberlain Haller: What did you say? What did you just say?

Vinny Gambini: Huh? What did I say?

katherine. said...

I don't pursue a great deal of traffic...I think cause I'm more of a reader...not a writer.

For me its more about WHO tags me. There are some people for whom I would do even the most inane Meme. I'd rather not feel obligated to complete one just cause they have fourteen letters in their middle name and everyone else has done it already.

Although...if I tag someone and they don't follow thru...

landgirl said...

I am the technodinosaur you purport to be, Cur. Mostly I find the tagging stuff to be a distraction from the reading and the writing in blogosphere.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a good idea. I never give memes to anyone if I have to do one. As Sari said, some I might do, others I won't, depending on time available and subject.

Anonymous said...

I try not to ignore tags, but it does depend on whether it inspires me or if I think I could do it - I'd be struggling with this one for instance.

I've pretty much given up tagging people directly, 'cos it feels like an imposition.

Whatever floats your boat?

Barb said...

OOoOoooo.. you tagged me. This looks fun! Tomorrow though? Promise!

As for the other.. tag away anytime :)

Patti said...

I like to be tagged, it allows me to open up a bit more...

Patti said...

woopsie-doodly do: that was Ralph on my profile...

this is me: I don't mind being tagged, it's just a matter of taking the time to complete them. This looks like fun. I saw it on Bee's blog the other day.
You are absolutely correct when you say it's a ready-made blog post idea...
I envy those who can write long, thoughtful posts. Like you, for instance, Mr. Curmudgeon, sir.

Patti said...

um, I just noticed that you didn't do "passion," the first word

SQT said...

It depends on the tag. I got tagged with a blog tip meme about two weeks ago and I haven't done it yet. Sometimes they just seem tedious and other times they're fun. I guess it's a mood thing. I usually don't officially tag people. I either don't entirely or I make a "wish list" and put names on it but leave them an out if they don't want to do it.

I kind of feel bad that I haven't done that meme though. Two people tagged me with it so I'm feeling a little pressured....

Shelby said...

I did it! :) come see..

p.s. and I do appreciate the fact that you tagged me.. i'm just tired I guess. I may have to post a no tag zone for a while.

anyway - hope your thursday today is terrific!

Patti said...

I done it too, sir.

Happy Thursday

The Curmudgeon said...

Patti caught me out on the meme -- I didn't do "passion."

Ooops. OK: Passion -- whenever possible.

This discussion about tagging and doing memes is interesting and I hope it continues a while. I'll try and keep mixing the pot when I get around to posting today.

I guess I am wary of tagging because I don't mean to impose. I see that sometimes it brings in new readers and I'm looking for that... when I do them I try and put a twist on them... not that it always works....

Hilda said...

I *LOVE* memes...and when I'm not tagged, I don't feel left out - I just steal it! :)

Like now you didn't tag me, but I'm doing it anyway.

However, while I don't mind being tagged, I don't like tagging.

sari said...

Yes - Hilda will do *any* meme you throw at her, I like that about her! :-)

(and yes, that's an emoticon right here on your blog)

Linda said...

Crapola! I have been tagged! But I think you owed me one from the last one that I tagged you with so turnabout is certainly fair play.

I shall have to take care of this one forthwith and pronto (especially considering I am several days behind in my blogging due to work obligations) before it gets lost in the shuffle.

By the way, if I do my P's does that mean at some point I also need to mind my Q's?