Wednesday, August 01, 2007

237 reasons for sex

In this morning's Chicago Tribune Judy Peres reports on a survey conducted by University of Texas researchers that claims to have identified 237 reasons why people have sex.

I'll pause until you're finished snickering.

The study, published in the August issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, was conducted in two phases. First, 400 volunteers were asked to identify every reason for having sex that they could think of, or that they've heard of. Over 700 reasons were advanced, but when overlapping reasons were weeded out, 237 were left.

Then another 1,500 students were asked to "rate how important each of the 237 reasons was in their own sexual behavior."

Here's a chart showing how the responses broke down:

My hormones were out of control
I was attracted to the person
It seemed like good exercise
I wanted to get a raise
Because of a bet
I wanted to change the topic of conversation
I realized I was in love
I wanted to say 'thank you'
I didn't know how to say 'no'
I felt obligated

It seemed like good exercise? No wonder Bally Total Fitness filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. How could Bally hope to compete with this?

I wanted to change the topic of conversation? What were you talking about before? Couldn't you switch to talking about the weather? Maybe a book that you'd read?

I wanted to say 'thank you'? Wouldn't a nice card have sufficed? Although this could cause a radical upswing in common courtesy....

You're snickering again, aren't you?


susan said...

Oh my. Does Hallmark know?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some of those reasons must be VERY weird.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

yes, i am... sorry.

smiles, and snickers, bee


katherine. said...

makes me think of all the different reasons I have had...

Patti said...

I heard about this too. Still snickering...

Linda said...

Saw a blurb about this on The Today Show this morning at work so we had a little chat about it and I thought they should do a survey on why people DON'T have sex. In my case, the top reason would be "Lack of opportunities"!

Mother of Chaos said...

Of course I am snickering. This is because while I may be a {COUGH!}-something on the outside, I am inside perhaps...12? 8^D

Where fibers meet mud said...

snicker, tee hee hee, LOL, indeed... probably exercised all the reasons over the last 35 years!

snicker indeed - I will probably snicker about it all dam day!

Anonymous said...

tee hee...

cmhl said...

because I wanted to get a raise!!! hahahahahah!!!!! wow.

Heather said...

Precious few of those reasons are on my list.

It's kinda sad, really, some of these reasons.