Monday, August 27, 2007

So we're dropping Middle Son off at college....

Middle Son filled up the van once on Saturday and took it himself, then he came back for everything else.

Including Long Suffering Spouse and me.

That's one benefit of going to college nearby.

Well, the parking lot was full, of course, as everyone was moving in on the same day, so we double-parked. We weren't the only ones who hit on this solution; a girl was unpacking another van right in front of us.

Long Suffering Spouse stayed behind in case we needed to move the van; Middle Son and I carried stuff upstairs to his room. He carried a lot of stuff; he gave me some token amounts so my feelings wouldn't be hurt... and neither would my back.

(And, in the event, neither was injured.)

Middle Son and I got separated in our couple of trips, but the work was soon done and Long Suffering Spouse and I were soon ready to leave. We said our goodbyes and took off.

"The kids on Middle Son's floor sure seemed happy to see him again," I told Long Suffering Spouse when we were underway. "He seems to know everybody."

"Well," Long Suffering Spouse said, "he certainly knew the name of that little girl who was in front of us in the parking lot."

"That's good," I said -- and then, because I am a glutton for punishment, I added, "Of course, when I was in college, I knew all the girls' names, too."

"Yes, and they knew yours, too," my wife said, "because they needed it for the restraining orders."

I asked for that, didn't I?


Fran said...

I guess your experience with restraining orders is what got you interested in law?!?!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

that is how we had to park to pick up number one granddaughter last spring! and the van in front of us was LOADED!!! wow... gone are the days of a box with a tablecloth over it for a table, huh curmie?

smiles, bee


rdl said...

Yup,you did.

Liquid said...

{{{Laughing........}}}} Yeah, I think you walked right into that one!

sari said...

I like your wife. She's funny.

Sheila said...

You have a funny wife. I had the pleasure of dropping off second son at college two weeks ago while husband worked. Since he's a freshman, we probably had more stuff than your son but thankfully his college had plenty of young help and this tired mom escaped the fun of lugging all that I had packed up three flights of stairs.

I'm glad I discovered you via Empress Bee and look forward to visiting again. We lived in Glen Ellyn for 12 years and have a son and daughter in law in Chicagoland.

Patti said...

Great retort by LSS...she is funny.

We are doing the college drop-off tomorrow.