Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bestest Blog of the Year Results -- Look, I got some votes!

Here's the Top 10 results (105 are listed) from Bobby Griffin's recent Bestest Blog of the Year contest:

  • 1: Bond’s Big Leather Couch
  • 2: Controlled Chaos
  • 3: Skittles’ Place
  • 4: Crazy Working Mom
  • 5: The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile
  • 6: Here Comes a Storm
  • 7: My Marrakesh
  • 8: Second Effort
  • 9: Gem-osophy
  • 10: It’s a Blog Eat Blog World

  • I still don't understand the contest. But, seeing as how I got some actual votes, I guess I should figure out how his new blog works, eh?

    And, speaking of figuring it out, from comments left by the aforementioned Mr. Griffin to my last post, we have ascertained that he is a math teacher (although, disappointingly, he did not venture to explain my mathematical dilemma contained in that post).

    I was previously aware that Bobby Griffin was a teacher -- I'm just so relieved to find out that "Mr. Bestest" is not an English teacher....


    Bobby Griffin said...

    Well, I guess now would be a bad time to explain the contest, but here goes anyway.

    105 blogs in the running...you log onto BlankestBlank.com and they appear in a semi-random order, and you rate them all from 1 to 5. You can't jump and rate any one blog (to keep it fair) and the blog with the best overall average vote wins (as opposed to sheer volume of votes).

    Hope that helps!?

    Dr. A said...

    Congrats on the top 10 rating!

    sari said...

    congratulations! You're in my top 10.

    Linda said...

    Congratulations! It would be interesting to know exactly how many votes were cast overall.

    Somehow I managed to rate 32nd which I guess isn't half bad out of 100. Right??

    rdl said...

    Congrats! good for you!

    Barb said...

    Congrats! I gave you a 5. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats on top 10!