Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Heads or Tails #116 -- "proud"

This week, Barb has decreed that Heads or Tails will be about "proud." I know where this is supposed to go, of course, to talk about something we're proud of or someone who makes us proud. But, of course, conformity has never been my strong suit. Thus, I will talk about overused wedding songs.

Overused wedding songs? You may well ask how that fits today's topic.

Well, back in the day when I was getting married and going to my friends' weddings, we didn't have deejays playing music. We had bands. Real wedding bands with singers and fat, bald musicians wearing tuxedos or suits at least, and playing actual musical instruments.

Some were amplified -- my father used to complain that he couldn't stand most weddings because he'd be driven out by the electric bass as soon as the dessert plates were taken away -- and some were good and some were awful. Some of the bands were composed entirely of old guys; some included younger musicians hoping for something better in the future.

But all wedding bands, good or bad, young or old, had one thing in common: They all played "Proud Mary."

Did you see that one coming?

The old-guy bands were particularly amusing: "Here's one for the young people," one of them would say, and the band would start up quickly (Left a good job in the city/ Working for the man every night and day....) to cover up the groan that would assuredly arise from the assembled young people.

I wonder if any song since has been so overdone at weddings. "Macarena" perhaps?


Barb said...

Despite two of my own, I've only been to two weddings. My sister's and my son's. How can that be? With me at my age? I HAVE seen many movie weddings with the bands like you posted about.

No.. I did not see that coming. Even though another Hottie (hehee you're a Hottie) posted the CCR version today.

Which gets more play.. Macarena or Chicken Dance? Hmm..

Unknown said...

I say The Chicken Dance is the most overplayed song at weddings ever. Hands down it beats Proud Mary and the Macarena. Good twist to HoT this week.

Calico Crazy said...

Proud Mary, the Macarena, and the Chicken Dance three excellent reasons to avoid wedding receptions at all costs. Thanks for the fun HoT post. ~ Calico Contemplations

Dave said...

Hava Nagila.

Dave said...

I forgot Electric Slide.