Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger's mishap provides a cautionary tale

Bee, this one isn't really about sports. Not entirely, anyway.

We begin in the world of sports. The world's greatest golfer, Tiger Woods, got into an auto accident in his own driveway over the long weekend. He was treated and released from a local hospital. The police have some questions, but Tiger's not talking a whole lot. In fact, he decided not to appear at a scheduled golf tournament this week, in California, presumably so he wouldn't have to face the media glare. What makes this decision particularly awkward is that this was his own tournament.

Without facts, the media is recycling rumor and innuendo. It seems that last week, shortly prior to Woods' auto mishap, the National Enquirer ran a story that linked Woods romantically with a former New York "night club hostess." You can get the names and links everywhere else on the Internet; I choose not to supply them. You can even find photos. The woman named by the Enquirer is attractive.

But Tiger is already married -- to a very attractive wife. If the National Enquirer article had been called to the attention of Mrs. Woods, it is reasonable to suppose, as the accompanying Jeff Danziger cartoon speculates, that Tiger's present injuries, whatever they are, may not be solely related to his automobile accident.

It must be pointed out that Mr. Woods' alleged paramour denies that she is even a friend of his; she claims to have met him only twice, both times in connection with her employment. She also denies having sex with celebrities generally. If you haven't followed the details of this story, you may find this an odd assertion to make, but one particularly salacious rumor about this woman was that she collects famous married men like other people collect coins or stamps.

I hope that Mr. Woods is indeed innocent of any extracurricular activity and that the 'other woman's' denials are entirely factual.

But there have been women who have pursued famous men, regardless of their marital status. The generic term is groupie. I recall hearing of one who made plaster casts of rock stars. I'm not talking about life masks either. These casts were made of a body part other than the face. (So far as I know, none of these casts are included in the rock 'n' roll memorabilia displayed at the Hard Rock Cafes around the country. Despite the obvious tie-in. *Ahem.*)

The point is that some women are attracted to famous, powerful or wealthy men. The aforementioned Tiger Woods qualifies on at least two of these three criteria. He probably would have had many opportunities to stray... if he were interested in that sort of thing. And even if he wasn't actively looking, should someone throw herself at him....

There's a reason why Jesus included the phrase, "Lead us not into temptation," when He taught us the Lord's Prayer: Once temptation arrives, we're in deep trouble.

You might not think that preachers would have their own groupies, but I expect they do. (Presumably, though, the women attracted to ministers are different than the ones who seek out rock stars.) I recall reading once that Billy Graham took no chances with groupies. After he was married, he made it a rule to never be alone with a woman not his wife. Someone was assigned to be with him at all times.

Mr. Woods might want to consider adding such a person to his own entourage. It might help avoid driveway accidents in the future.


Fran said...

Good post! The "cafe" part made me laugh out loud!


Jeni said...

Definitely agree with all your assertions in this post!
But one thing I'd like to add in here too is this. He keeps saying this whole thing is a private matter, personal. And I agree with him on that as well.
EVERYONE who is married or just in a relationship of some sort has disagreements from time to time over many and varied things and if that was the case with Tiger and his spouse, regardless of what the issue or bone of contention may have been, why does the media, why do so many people, feel we all have the right to know every little detail about his (and this applies to any celebrity, famous person, powerful individual, etc) entire personal life? Granted, being a celebrity does put a person in a position of seeing a lot about that person, learning a lot of data on them too then, but even so, they are still entitled to a certain amount of privacy all the same. I just get a bit agitated at times at this aspect the media just dearly loves to publish and often too, embellish.

Shelby said...

Most excellent post. Totally agree.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

there have been a few 'Tiger' laughs around. One in the paper had him giving her golfing instructions as she was smashing the window.

I was doing the party myself from 2 or 3 viewpoints. However, if you want to send some, send it to me to the e mail at the top right of the blog.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you know my thoughts are that if no one is pressing charges the cops need to back the heck off... just my opinion though!

smiles, bee

Patti said...

I wish he would hold a press conference in said driveway and tell the truth about what occurred, but I know that won't happen.

Cute editorial cartoon.