Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why the Swiss particle accelerator is broken?

Reuters reports that the Large Hadron Collider is down for repairs only 10 days after it was started up.

The problem seems to be a helium leak -- not, as some had warned, a nascent black hole which will grow and grow and swallow the Earth -- and the most likely cause of the leak appears to be, according to the Reuters story, a "faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's giant magnets."

This morning, however, Brewster Rockit suggests a different explanation (click to enlarge):


Dave said...

Totally off subject, I have a client who's tractor trailer was hit in Cook County with about $4K in damages. No injuries. Clear liability. Insurance has a $5K deductible. Bad guy disappeared and his insurance company says it "can't" do anything till it talks to the vanished one. Garbage, I know. My quick research indicates you can't get fees in a straight negligence suit. Case doesn't seem to make any economic sense unless they are recoverable. If fees are recoverable, do you do this sort of thing or know someone who does?


Kacey said...

Wouldn't you know that those crazy scientists would try to horn in on Nassau, Delaware's Punkin Chunkin Contest. Some things are just plain scared!
I love reading your blog.... you have such diversified interests. You really think they might send us down a gigantic black hole... or have we gone "Through the Looking Glass" again?