Monday, September 29, 2008

Meanwhile, from Mom's point of view

So, yes, Long Suffering Spouse was not looking forward to today's adventure in the woods. I tried to jolly her up all weekend, but her apprehension of today's event loomed over all.

She'd actually been to this place in August, for a teachers' only workshop. She was only 60 days out of surgery at the time... and she said she hurt for a week after the event. Walking on the hilly grounds, never able to sit down, took its toll on her. Today, she packed a sandwich, some chips, and lots of Advil.

She called me shortly after she arrived.

"It's raining," Long Suffering Spouse announced. "And the buses are gone. And there's no place to get out of the rain."

"I'm sorry," I said. And I still can't figure out how this builds 'leadership' skills.

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