Monday, September 01, 2008

Curse you (again), Mr. Gates!

You may have wondered, if you're surfing the 'net while waiting for the coals to be ready on this fine Labor Day, what the heck Curmudgeon is posting for. After all, I almost never post from home.

(That's because I'm an anonymous blogger... even to my own family... and I might get caught posting at home....)

Nor am I posting from home today. I'm here at the Undisclosed location because -- I thought -- Mr. Gates wanted me to install a new 'Service Pack' on my computer here.

I thought this because I found one of those scary yellow shields in the lower right hand corner of my screen, over by the clock, on my computer at home yesterday. I spent more time fiddling with it that I bargained for, and of course I had to restart the machine.

Restarting the computer here at the Undisclosed Location is at least a half hour proposition.

So, I thought, brilliant strategist that I am: I will go to the Undisclosed Location on Labor Day and take care of these housekeeping matters when the phone is not ringing and I don't have to be in court.

Except, of course, that the little yellow thingy is not on the machine here. Curse you, Mr. Gates!

I suppose I could go to the Microbrain Updates Page and find it... but, no, I got distracted by stuff in the weekend mail. And then I thought I'd write a post that I'd thought about writing this weekend.

And now?

Now it's time to go home and start the grill myself.

Happy Labor Day.


Fran said...

Happy Labor Day Curmy!


Dave said...

Yep, having two computers can be a pain with different relations with MS. My two never sinc.

I also thought you were on vacation, a bit North of both undisclosed locations.

And, Happy Labor Day to you.