Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nurses seducing patients in British hospitals?

Mother Jones RN would probably have a fabulous pulp paperback cover to illustrate this story, but I shudder to think what she'd say about it: According to Health Editor Sarah-Kate Templeton's article for the March 2 edition of the Sunday Times, "Almost one in 10 nurses think starting a relationship with one of their patients is acceptable while one in six said they knew of a colleague who had a sexual relationship with a patient they were looking after."

These findings were published in something called the Nursing Times and are based on a survey of 3,600 British nurses. The Royal College of Nursing, showing more traditional British reserve, pronounced these findings "very concerning."

I heard this story over the radio as Long Suffering Spouse and I were pulling into the driveway of our home; she'd come to meet my train. She turned the radio off and looked at me. I looked back, trying to compose my features into the most innocent face possible.

I was not entirely successful.

"No," she said, "we are not moving to England."


Kacey said...

I worked in a hospital in the "flyover country" known as Ohio. One of the nurses married one of our patients. He only had one leg and insisted on having a couple of kids. So, she not only had to support her hubby, but a growing family, too. Americans are just as decadent as the English.

Lahdeedah said...

I think it's easy to get attached but it's this thing, seriously...

men have a naughty nurse thing I think, I mean, they do, don't they?

I asked my husband.


I had to tell him we weren't moving to England, either....

The Curmudgeon said...

Ladeedah -- I was hospitalized a year ago at this time and, I have to tell you, I don't think the naughtiest nurse would have been able to seduce me. Recovering from major surgery just sort of kills the mood. Nor would anyone want to: I was surely at my least attractive. Moreover, I had tubes and wires and more tubes coming and going in all sorts of places that... well... let's just say I don't really understand how all this hospital hanky-panky would be possible.

But it sure is an interesting story.