Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bodacious Tata deal

According to this AFP story, posted last night on Yahoo! News, India's Tata Motors will shortly purchase "luxury British icons Jaguar and Land Rover" from America's Ford Motor Company.

The AFP article reminds us that Tata recently unveiled the world's cheapest production car; with this acquisition, Tata will also own two of the most prestigious automobile nameplates in the world.

In entirely unrelated news, people arriving at this blog via searches for -- well, let's just say my traffic is about to jump a bit and one-time visitors with a juvenile vocabulary and world outlook are going to be disappointed.


Dave said...

One, love the title.

Two, by unresearched dating of the the operative phrase, I'm betting the spike in traffic won't be that big. The blogging world is a bit younger than we are.

To prove my point, I just typed "bodaciaous tatas" into the Google tool bar search box. Popular searches get finished part way though the typing. No such thing. And, most of the results were skewed from the meaning you used in the post.

Still, loved the title.

SQT said...

My husband would certainly like the title of your post.

74WIXYgrad said...

Anyone coming here because of the title has got to be a boob.

Skittles said...

Yeah I was.. OOPS! N/M :P

Shelby said...

laughed out loud at 74wixygrad's comment.

bodacious.. word of the day.

almost as good as hubris - which I learned the other day.

now off to see the world (or least my couch).