Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thief leaves cell number, new cell number to follow

Local story worth wider circulation:

A would-be robber demanded that two employees of a North Side muffler shop open the store's safe and give him the money.

No, said one of the employees. He couldn't, he said, because only the manager had the combination and the manager wasn't in yet.

Oh, said the would-be robber. How about you give me your money?

No, said the employee. He didn't have much on him, he said. But, he added, I'll tell you what I will do: Let me know how to get in touch with you and, when the manager comes in, you can rob him then.

OK, said the would-be robber, and he gave over not one, but actually two, cell phone numbers.

A busy thief can't afford to be out of touch.

The would-be robber went on to his next appointment and the muffler shop employees called the cops.

The police were all in favor of inviting the would-be thief back to the store. When they were all in position, that's what the muffler shop employees did.

It almost turned really ugly: The would-be robber produced a gun when surrounded by police. His weapon didn't discharge, but a policeman's did -- hitting the would-be robber in the leg.

And I didn't make any of this up. You can read about it in the Chicago Tribune or on Second City Cop.


Barb said...

I bet he drank some of that green Chicago water...

Shelby said...

He is the newest inductee into the 'here's your sign' club.

Good golly miss molly is all I gotta say..

Sarge Charlie said...

how dumb can you be......

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's those stories we like to read about.

TroyBoy said...

I'm glad it didn't go bad for the employees or the cops.

So, tell us the truth, do you REALLY know about this story because he is your newest client?

Jeni said...

You know, that story is both funny and very sad too at the same time. Obviously, it is humorous that the employee got him to fork over the cell phone numbers -not just one, but TWO!! But that is also so sad to think someone is that dumb, naive -whatever- as to do something that ridiculous. It's a crazy world we live in for sure, isn't it?