Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday bonanza

The end of March is a birthday bonanza in the Curmudgeon home. Both Long Suffering Spouse and I have birthdays right about now.

Hers comes first.

We knew it was officially the birthday season when my mother-in-law came to deliver the birthday sweaters to me and Long Suffering Spouse. Long Suffering Spouse wears hers at school.

Once -- many years ago -- my mother-in-law gave me a very nice, Irish wool sweater. (It was, of course, a special on QVC. Abuela and QVC go way back together. I think she has her own private number to call. It may ring in the office of the Chairman of the Board.)

Anyway, I liked the sweater, and I said so.

The next year, I got another one. Different color.

The next year, I got another one. Different color.

The next year... stop me if you've figured out the pattern. If a new Ice Age comes, I'm covered. And the shelf in my closet groans under the weight of Irish wool.

The other night, when I got home, Younger Daughter asked me what color my sweater was this year. Abuela had been by in the afternoon. (For the record, the sweater is dark blue this year... but with a zipper! QVC may have finally run out of colors for the pullover variety.)

Then it was Long Suffering Spouse's birthday. She's been on Spring Break this week -- but I've only taken one day off. "So," she asked, "are you going to work today or are you staying home and being my present?"

Younger Daughter was watching this exchange, so of course I mugged a bit, and threw open my arms wide as if to say here I am!

"I wonder," said Long Suffering Spouse, "if I can get a refund or exchange."


sari said...

My husband seems to get a sweater every year as well...but he has a huge pile of black, ha ha.

Happy Birthday!

Kacey said...

Happy Birthday to both Long Suffering Spouse and Curmudgeon! We both bought sweaters while in Australia, but they didn't hold up as well as I had hoped for the price. Perhaps Irish sweaters will hold up well enough to have resale value, once Abuela forgets which colors she has given in other years. I wish my birthday weren't so close to Christmas, so I would get presents.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

a zipper? woo hoo! happy birthday curmy!

smiles, bee

Barb said...

Happy Birthdays to you and LSS.

At least she didn't say she was exchanging it for a larger size. ;)

Shelby said...

Haps Births to all!!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday to you and your lovely long suffering spouse!

She does have a cute sense of humor.

Toni Lea Andrews said...

You and Harry Potter...

Ralph said...

Happy birthday, Curmy.

Growing up, four of my siblings had birthdays as follows: August 21, August 23, August 29 and Sept. 4. Generally there were two combined parties in that stretch. I guess everybody was once!