Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who says you don't learn stuff in the Comics?

From a comic called "Real Life Adventures." I obtained this image here; I saw the comic in this morning's Chicago Sun-Times.

I wish I were this smart.

Although, actually, in my case, it wouldn't work: Long Suffering Spouse would not be thrilled at the prospect of having to face the after-Christmas returns. Even a couple of weeks after Christmas. This is a very attractive quality, in my opinion.

But the comic is still funny.


Ralph said...

Actually, some comics mirror real life pretty well, at least in my experiences: Shoe, which reminds me of lots of people I have known, It's a shame that Jeff MacNelly passed away, but strip still keeps its satire. I also have to say Dilbert just reminds me so much of my work experiences, and in every place I have ever worked, and that's many places. The jokes about inept managers ring very true...

landgirl said...

Gift giving is one of those intersections between men and women that just proves beyond any doubt that we live in different worlds.
so Cur what are you giving your wife for Christmas?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think a lot do this.

katherine. said...

I'm not so sure it is THAT funny.
*rolling my eyes*

Linda said...

I guess it might work for some men but why not just get a gift card if you're going to do that badly? After all, it's still "the thought" that counts, right?

Oh, and I agree with Long Suffering Spouse on those after-Christmas shopping trips - no thanks!