Friday, December 14, 2007

Virtual bubblewrap!

The absolute best thing about shopping online is that stuff gets shipped to your house in bubblewrap. And you can spend entire minutes popping the bubbles -- and annoying the heck out of anyone within earshot, too.

Yes, that's surely the best thing about shopping online -- aside from not having to drive.

Or park.

Or stand in a checkout line.

Or get carried away by the tide of surging humanity at the local mall.

OK, so bubblewrap isn't the best thing about shopping online... but it's a lot of fun nonetheless.

And I was therefore pleased to stumble upon this link to virtual bubblewrap that you can pop with the click of a mouse. Then I noticed that this link had been recommended to StumbleUpon by our old blogfriend, Claire.

(Claire's had a tough year. Her mother -- the infamous Cupboard Monster -- has had a worse one. You may wish to 'toodle pip' over there and offer good wishes. But don't say I sent you. I have an image to uphold.)

Anyway, then it was necessary for me to verify the spelling of the word "bubblewrap." I mean -- one word or two? Which is it? (I know you hold us to very high standards here at Second Effort. What I can't understand is why.)

A Yahoo! search revealed (a) that "bubblewrap" is indeed the correct rendering of the term and (b) there are still more bubblewrap links and games out there on the Internet just awaiting your inspection. Another site even allows you to download virtual bubblewrap to your own blog.

You will note that, so far, I have resisted this temptation.

So far.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

wow, now i have something to do! thanks! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Jen B said...

bubble wrap is truly the best and my sons often fight over who gets to do most of popping....where as I have to jump in and take over of course....

crpitt said...

Oh you big softie :)

Linda said...

Before I go over and check this out I have to know if it's as addictive as real bubblewrap because if it is, I'm not going because I can't keep my hands off the stuff - it's too addictive!

sari said...

have you seen the lite-brite website? good times.