Saturday, April 14, 2007

Post of the day?

I'm hearing Jimmy Stewart's voice on this: "Well, what do you know about that?"

Here's an email Saturday afternoon from Judd Corizan, who left a comment to Friday's post following up on the Worst 70's Song Contest:
Congratulations on your award on The Rising Blogger. It is a brand new site that awards posts, not blogs. Your post from Friday (04.13.07) won. Since we award posts, you might even win again. We ask winners to nominate a post favorite of a fellow blogger. It is not a requirement. You have won this award because we truly feel you deserve it. Great post, good job!
And he included this little button which will eventually make it into the Sidebar:

Rising Blogger is a brand new enterprise: The very nice write-up posted by Mr. Corizan concerning Second Effort is only the third entry that he's made. His profile is particularly interesting for a wannabe like me:
After some years of not helping writers develop their skills in an effort to become both successful and published, The Rising Blogger will award blog authors with potential. The Rising Blogger makes no guarantees in regards to an author not getting published. Step one is simply awarding blogs that are insightful, creative, interesting and original. We award our "Post of the Day" seven days a week. Welcome!
And he says he's in the publishing industry in New York.

Hmmmmmm. New York... publishing... I wonder if he knows Miss Snark.

Let's look at that profile again: "[He] makes no guarantees in regards to an author not getting published?" Huh?

Well, anyway, thank you Mr. Corizan -- and best of luck with your new enterprise.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

congratulations curmy!! good show my friend....

smiles, bee

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Did someone say 'Enterprise'?

Patti said...

may I add my congrats on your award.

Coincidentally on Friday the 13th I attended a fashion show where utility company workers modeled their uniforms for senior citizens.
You'll never guess what song played in the background when the electric company employee did his modeling...
It was "You Light Up My Life."

Anonymous said...

well, congratulations are in order...


JHS, Esq. said...

Hi C-

I am not surprised that you found my profile confusing. We had worked on the concept for the site for quite some time. We got a little punchy. We have corrected the profile.

Also I must apologize for another "joke" we didn't catch before launch. I am not in publishing. I am in education.

We have corrected this on our site. All that said, you were easy to award. Your post are consistently great!

Sorry for our not catching our own humor.


Linda said...

And here I thought that they were just being humorous or sarcastic with the line about making no guarantees to not get published! Turns out it was a typo? Aw ....

But big congratulations on your win! That is wicked cool and awesome (I screwed my back up again and am feeling very old at the moment so thought I would try for some younger vernacular to try to feel better!).

Claire said...

Congratulations indeed!

I did laugh at the typo confusion.

landgirl said...

Congrats. Pretty soon you may have to change your epigraph--you are no longer laboring in obscurity.

Barb said...


What's up with his double negatives?

Anonymous said...


The article honoring your post has now been updated. Could you kindly update the link to

And please download & display the newly designed badge indicating that you have been honored with the Post of the Day Award. You can find it at

Read a post lately that you think deserves the award? Use the Contact Form and submit a nomination!


Anonymous said...


That should be

My bad. :-)