Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still here... sort of

I just looked at all the comments to the last post: Glad to see the conversation is continuing in my absence. Yes, I'm taking my vitamins -- and, no, you can't blog in court....

Tomorrow is "Take Your Daughter To Work Day." At our school, they've broadened that out to include daughters and sons -- so I'll have charge of Youngest Son tomorrow.

Which is OK, I suppose.

Although there'll be no blogging tomorrow from the Undisclosed Location, obviously. It would be difficult to maintain an anonymous blog with Youngest Son watching me type... but I just looked it up in the Archives: Last year Take Your Offspring To Work Day was a seventh grade activity -- it was merely optional for eighth graders. This year, it's an eighth grade activity, too.

At least that's what Long Suffering Spouse is telling me. And she should know because she teaches at the school....

Say... is that a coincidence? Or a conspiracy?

And, just because Youngest Son sees his mother work every other day, why can't she take him tomorrow, too? Is there some sort of sexist thing happening here? Or is it just good planning on her part?


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well here is a list of things he can do:
1. tell you to take your vitamin
2. empty the wastebaskets and look for "good stuff"
3. go for coffee and bagels
4. hang out around the secretary, which today is secretaries day by the way...
5. fool around on the internet
6. deliver things to the courthouse
7. look up his friends and see if any of them were ever arrested.
8. read the comics
9. choose where to go to lunch
10. tell you when it's time to go home.

see? easy as pie...

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I can't even imagine taking my daughter to work with me! "Hey, Mom, can I answer the next 911 call that comes in?" "Hey, Mom, can I talk on the radio?" "Hey, Mom, what does this button do?"

No thanks!!!

Lahdeedah said...

So um.

I am a stay at home mom.

I am so pawning my daughter on my hubby. But what on earth will she see, when my husband works for a game company?

"No no honey, I'm not PLAYING a game, I'm RESEARCHING..."

MommasWorld said...

At work today a calander reminder came up notifying me it was Take Your Child To Work Day tomorrow. I have an important meeting tomorrow morning. I offered to only bring Snow White (7 yrs old) after lunch/after the meeting. My boss looked in to the matter and called me back. Apparently, due to our manufacturing facility being on hand it has been dubed no longer a safe area for children as of last year.

Snow White was very gracious in her non-invite. I hope she feels the same way when she is one a the few still in classes tomorrow.

On another note...when ManSon was little and school age there was only "Take Your Daughter To Work Day". I took him to work with me dispite his gender. Fought the school board on his absence and actually won after a few months.

Anonymous said...

The expression we have in the UK for what's happened to you, is 'stitched up like a kipper'.


sari said...

My son's school requests that parents take their child to school sometime in the summer.

Party poopers.

may said...

moms are smart. teachers are smart. your LSS happened to be both, so go ahead and figure :)