Monday, February 02, 2009

Not so super thoughts from Super Bowl Sunday?

Ben Roethlisberger is 6'5" and weighs 240 lbs. I'm watching him lumber around behind the line of scrimmage, shedding tacklers like lesser men shake off pesky flies, then completing another pass, and I wonder: Why do so many 'experts' say Florida's Tim Tebow is not going to make it as an NFL quarterback?

I may be the only person in America not to have bet a single dime on yesterday's game. Darn this recession anyway. It's bad enough that it deprives me of discretionary income -- but when it hurts the quality of the Super Bowl commercials, things have gone too far. (The Monster commercials were my favorites. What were yours?)

Of course, since I had no money on the line, I got to enjoy what turned out to be a good game. But people in the squares pools must have gone nuts at the end of the first half and the end of the game both.

I wonder how much squares went for at Barack Obama's White House party.

Watching Matt Lauer's interview of President Obama I had to wonder... how shameless can one be groveling for a cell phone number? And Mr. Obama's description of his new phone -- it sounds like he bought it at the Radio Shack... at Area 51.

So we were at Mass on Sunday and Youngest Son says he wants to leave early. "I don't want to miss any of the pregame show."

"Too late," his mother told him. "You went to sleep last night, didn't you?"

If folks paid as much attention to the economy as to the Super Bowl, would we be in a recession now?


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i know this is about football curmy! but i didn't see it. sarge saw some but was not happy so didn't watch it all. i don't know why. i went in the other room and watched housewives of orange county. i love those women!

smiles, bee

The Beach Bum said...

Curmudgeon -

The best Super Bowl that I've watched in years.

Sub-standard Commercials. I agree with your choice.

Better than average Half-Time show, but somehow I was disappointed.

And you are correct - people should be paying more attention to the Economy than the Super Bowl.

The Beach Bum