Friday, February 27, 2009

Blowing up balloons, setting up chairs....

We're getting ready for the big 1000th post party here at Second Effort.

Actually, I think the post counter has already inched past the 1000 mark -- but it's still recent enough that it remains appropriate to note the occasion now. Besides, a lot of those prior 1000 posts have been pretty feeble, OK?

And, let's face it, Curmudgeon is such a long-winded gasbag that I couldn't exactly get him to hold up posting while we set the thousandth post party up... I did try.

And the worst of it?

Whatever he comes up with will be anti-climatic. How could it be otherwise?

But sit back, stay tuned and prepare to be disappointed... perhaps as soon as tomorrow.


Dave said...

No wonder you've got a thousand, posting on Friday night.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

look at you posting three times today! and me commenting three times! woo hoo for us!

smiles, bee

Steve Skinner said...

One thousand, how cool is that! I'll be waiting for the computer for it to hit the wires.