Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heads or Tails #78 -- Legend

This week Heads or Tails, the legendary Tuesday meme created by Barb directs us to write about "legend."

The Legend of the Lost Heads or Tails Post

Some say it was eventually posted, late, but no one ever saw it. Some say it was merely promised, but never posted at all. -- How much like a writer! these people say. -- Or like a lawyer, for that matter (say others) promising much and delivering little.

There were some who wanted to search for it. A cryptic comment had been left on the HOT site, promising a post. Maybe this would be the post that explains it all. Some believe that there exists a number of chimpanzees which, if equipped with an equal number of typewriters, would eventually churn out the works of Shakespeare. (Of course, a lot of editing would be required... and sanitation, too, probably....) There are tens of millions of bloggers, all banging away on keyboards, some obsessed, some lonely, some bored, some just procrastinating. Surely in this near infinite universe of bloggers, some post, some time, will say something truly important and truly universal. Such a post would indeed be the worthy object of a Quest. If, of course, it existed.

And why would someone say that a post was forthcoming... and then fail to deliver it? Unless... unless... the post was delivered... hidden in plain sight in the Blogosphere... proclaiming that universal truth that so many had sought. Maybe this delayed post might be The One. But only those truly interested -- those truly desirous -- those truly worthy -- would seek it out.

It seemed like a reasonable thought to some -- to you, perhaps -- and you've searched away for who knows how long, looking until your eyes burned, looking until your spouse threatened to break your computer monitor, looking... looking....

Only to find this post? How disappointing for all of us.

1 comment:

Barb said...

I'm obsessed, lonely (on rare occasions), bored AND a procrastinator. So there!

I must also be worthy because I came back to look for it. :)