Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're trying to get Curmudgeon under control here

The coming election must be starting to 'get' to the Curmudgeon. The crinkly-eyed, humorous stuff seems to have vanished, but fear not: We're doping him up with sedatives and hoping to get him back on track soon.

One possibility is for Curmudgeon to open up a "political" blog -- which people in search of entertainment can avoid like the plague -- and keep this blog open for the lighter, family-oriented, or just plain humorous essays. (At least Curmudgeon thinks some of them are funny. Opinions have differed.)

Curmudgeon thinks that this might be a good solution -- that way, he says, he might get two book contracts. That's when we slip him some more happy juice. But he has instructed me to solicit the readers' input, and, however reluctantly, I do so herewith.


Rob said...

There's nothing wrong with tossing in a rant or two once in awhile... I like the mix! It's... curmudgeonly!

Unless there's a clear indicator that you're alienating your readers or losing subscribers, I say you should go on doing what you like. This IS your blog, after all.

Fran said...

Hells Bells......I like the mix also. I pretty much just whine on mine instead of a rant. 'Cause that's how I am.


Steve Skinner said...

There’s nothing wrong with a mix now and then. It’s always good to stretch the old gray cells in our brains!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

poor sarge has run off all his readers, well almost. he is so upset over this election i fear for him. he believes so much that he must do this though. rant on curmy. then visit sarge and rant there too. he'll love it.

smiles, bee

The Beach Bum said...

Curmudgeon -

I'm in the same blue funk. I've been writing too much political stuff lately. I just can't help myself. It will pass soon.

It's very hard trying to find humor in today's politics.

The Beach Bum

Shel said...

I'm with everyone else. Let the rants stay. Even my digital scrapbooking forum has a political section this year! If someone doesn't want to read a rant, I'm sure they can figure out how to scroll past it!

Jean-Luc Picard said...'s ca good mix.