Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heads or Tails #60 -- Anything starting with the letter "g"

Today's Heads or Tails, the brainchild of Barb, who lives on Skittles Street, not Sesame Street, is brought to you by the letter "g."

We publish this morning's essay in "Georgia," that being the only g-font (not to be confused, under any circumstances with g-spot) listed among the Blogger font choices. Doesn't appear different than usual, does it?

And what does the "g" in g-spot stand for anyway?

Today's topic is the letter "g" and the g-word I've selected is garrulous.

Mostly because of the guttural, growling noise one can make when pronouncing it. All together now: gar-ru-lous.

My ever-present dictionary advises that garrulous comes from the Latin verb garrire, meaning "to chatter." Garrulous is defined as one who talks "too much," especially "about unimportant things."

Obviously, the author of my dictionary has read my blog.

But, today, we will fool them all, and stop right here.


The Beach Bum said...

Curmudgeon -

Someone once posted a comment on one of my blogs in 2007 stating that I wrote a awful lot of words about nothing. At least nothing important.

If they had had your dictionary they would have called me a garrulous person.

The Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being garrulous -- or even loquacious, which of course wouldn't work with today's prompt... but that's another story.


susan said...

Hah! You certainly caught me by surprise... and the people around me when I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your ending.

Your blog garrulous? Never. Importance, I like to think, is much like beauty -- established in the eye of the beholder. The balance of wit and wisdom that I always find here is grounding -- providing a bit of perspective when I start to get mired in one extreme or another.

Barb said...

Skittles Street, huh? lol

I'm going to skip right over your G word and say the G in G-Spot stands for "guess where" ;)

Patti said...

The "G" stands for Girl

or maybe not..

Unknown said...

the G in g-spot stands for Grafenburg, the doctor who "discovered" it. And you have to wonder what *that* research lab was like!
Remember.. you asked!

Tumblewords: said...

Clever post!

Kacey said...

Don't knock being garrulous... it is the reason we love you! I believe that some of us simply love the written word and admire people with the ability to string together words in such an entertaining fashion. Now, about that illusive g spot... it was named for a guy named Ernest Grafenberg, a German OBGYN. Those Germans are always up to something.

The Curmudgeon said...

Shel, Kacey -- after reading your comments this vision sprang to mind of Frau Doktor Grafenberg harrumphing, "Sure, in the lab he can find it, but at home? Not so much."