Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christian Science Monitor looks to online future

You may have seen this elsewhere, but here's a link to Phil Rosenthal's October 29 column in the Chicago Tribune. In April, Rosenthal writes, the Christian Science Monitor will cut back from its five day a week press run and focus instead on a "beefed-up Web site, complemented by daily e-mail editions and a weekly print magazine."

I would have provided a link to the Monitor with this post (I'm very considerate that way)... but I couldn't get the page to load this morning, after repeated tries.

The site may need a lot of beefing up.

Meanwhile, this cartoon, which aggravated me in March 2007, when I first found it on this site (NSFW) via a post on Thermal, now aggravates me more:

See, then I was aggravated because there was sort of a grain of truth in it... now I'm aggravated because it may soon no longer be true at all.

And, by the way, in putting this together this morning, I was glad to discover that some new posts have recently gone up on Thermal. I guess, Chris, this working for a living can only hold your attention for so long, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Why thank you Curmudgeon: work has never held my attention, laziness however.....

I have still been reading a lot of blogs however & your prodigious output continues to amaze: where do you find the time?