Friday, October 17, 2008

Undisclosed Location goes green -- unofficially

Regular visitors may recall that, here at the Undisclosed Location, only paper is officially recycled. The building management gives me a box for this purpose and -- shattering the myth of the paperless office every single day -- I keep it pretty full.

But at my old Undisclosed Location building management also had programs for recycling glass and plastic and aluminum. I thought this a Good Thing, so I attempted to keep up the practice myself when I moved here. There was a time when I would have a can of pop every day with my sandwiches, so I kept these in a separate receptacle. The plan was that I would take these home when the can got full enough. I also keep a bottle or two here of bracing spirits, nearly necessary accessories, I am chastened to admit, for tackling timesheets.

I hate timesheets.

The cleaning people, not all of whom speak, much less read, English, had to be persuaded not to empty my can receptacle (yes, I know I've used the word twice now, but what do you want... can can?) but eventually this was accomplished. I taped a sign above the can can (fine, have it your way) advising that this was for recycling only. Over the past couple of years, I've taken several loads of cans and bottles home to be recycled.

I've been forced to economize in recent months and the pop cans at lunch became a luxury I found I could do without. Thus cans were no longer accumulating -- but those other items were. Recently, I had to do a panic clean-up when I realized a client was coming in and there were several empty scotch bottles... and only empty scotch bottles... in the can.

These were the product of several months of timesheets. But I digress.

The other night, when I was working late, one of the cleaning ladies asked me if I was still collecting cans for recycling. I said I was. She said a tenant on another floor was collecting cans and looking to dispose of them responsibly. Would I take them? she asked.

Sure, I said.

(You really haven't lived until you've been dressed in a suit and tie, lugging a briefcase and a plastic bag full of empty cans and bottles home on the subway. After doing that once, I now try and move my recycling home on days that I drive. Consider it almost like penance for using fossil fuels.)

Well, yesterday morning, the can can was half full.

This morning, it is overflowing.

I'm going to have to drive in this weekend.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i would be way too lazy to do that. i congratulate you curmy!

smiles, bee

Kacey said...

We step on our soda cans , so the can can takes up less space in our garage. I think it would be hilarious to hear the sounds of cans crunching in your office. Clients might be afraid to come on in ... just in case you are violent.
Uh.... if you have to drive into Chicago on the weekend to gather the soda cans.... isn't that ruining your fossil fuel savings?