Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pitch for new graphic novel

(Which is similar to what we used to call comic books.)

Story outline:
Our hero, Blu-ray, restores the honor of his Sony clan by avenging the defeat of his disgraced ancestor, Betamax.

Now we just need to figure where to fill in the dragons and get some cool anime drawings to go with this and we'll be rollin' in the bucks!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a good job I didn't buy any of those machines. I thought HD DVD would be the winner!

Dave said...

Add some buxom, somewhat scantily clad (see SI recent issue, though they are probably not quite zoftig enough) and you are there.

TroyBoy said...

We need an evil nemisis...the internet where folks can download movies and skip paying 30-some-odd bucks for official Blue-ray videos.

PS Can we still call them videos?

sari said...

Dave: "probably not quite"?? ha ha

I saw that recent issue. I'd say no, they're not zaftig enough. But that's ok.

Judy Nails from Guitar Hero III would be better - buxom, somewhat scantily clad (up top) but you know she'll kick your a@@ if you get out of line...better suited for a comic book. :-)