Thursday, December 29, 2011

Political cartoon art -- and a little American Gothic fun

This Mike Lukovich editorial cartoon (obtained from Yahoo! Comics) caught my attention and tickled my funny bone.

I don't know if anyone from Iowa ever looks in on this blog, but I'd be willing to bet that most Hawkeyes are pretty darn sick and tired of the Iowa Caucus Circus.

The cartoon also got me thinking about the source material, the original painting by Grant Wood (this image obtained from Wikipedia):

(Fast fact: Wood's original art training was at the Art Institute of Chicago.)

Anyway, looking at these pictures got me thinking about all the other many parodies of this iconic image that have been done over the years. I thought I'd post a few this morning (these taken from American Gothic Parodies -- Google searches can be so very literal -- and the American Gothic House parodies page). There's lots more where these came from:

(A Great Recession-flavored version taken originally from the AARP Magazine)

(Jersey Shore Gothic? Really?)

(Ken and Barbie Gothic. The Ottumwa Dream House was never as big as seller, for some reason, as the Malibu Dream House.)

This last image struck me as seasonably appropriate, don't you agree? Happy New Year.

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