Thursday, December 08, 2011

Back online at the Undisclosed Location... but how?

After our month-long Internet outage here at the Undisclosed Location (from August 23 to September 20, if you can believe it), we dropped our former ISP and went with AT&TT or BP&P or whatever it is that I'm calling the telephone megalopoly these days (note to future OED editions -- "megalopoly" is here used to mean a particularly sinister or evil monopoly, the word "monopoly" alone not having a sufficiently pejorative dimension).

How nuts were we, eh?

But our tenant was using The Phone Company and her Internet came back in a day after the August 23 power outage in Chicago's Loop. Maybe, we thought, The Phone Company service was actually reliable.

Then our tenant had problems last month. She can write about those on her own blog. Maybe she already has.

But her service, though with The Phone Company, was separate from the one that I and my remaining partner in the rental of this Undisclosed Location share. We didn't have real problems until Monday.

And, then, as it turned out, my remaining partner (who wasn't in Monday) was able to access the Internet on Tuesday -- after I'd waited in vain all day Monday for a repairman from The Telephone Company to come out (as promised).

My post Tuesday (on which the video seems to have already failed) and my Blogiversary post yesterday were both launched into the ether from home.

And I was working from home yesterday, too, when I got a call from our tenant who advised that a repairman from The Phone Company had just showed up at the Undisclosed Location.

When you're a megalopoly, Monday from 12-4 can damn well be Wednesday morning if you say so.

Now, of course, no one could access my machine at the Undisclosed Location except me. And I wasn't there. And the reason I was home was because I was preparing for a doctor's deposition at 1:00pm. Our tenant watched the man from The Phone Company and she saw that he was able to get on the Intertubes from our equipment room. But she could not see how he did whatever he did.

I begin to suspect that rattles and magic dust were involved.

But I'm online now... and I'm not complaining.



After I close out this post, I mean.

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