Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The City looked good last night, didn't it?

I've spent too much time already this morning looking online for an aerial view of the Obama victory rally last night in Grant Park. Looking at the TV, though, watching those views showing Chicago's beautiful skyline in the background... it was a marvelous sight.

You have to wonder about Mr. Obama's connections -- and I'm not talking about Tony Rezko. Anyone who could get beautiful 55 degree weather (the temperature was in the low 70's in the afternoon) for a late night outdoor rally in Chicago in November... well, Divine Intervention cannot be ruled out.

Yes, there were some complaints of shots fired in certain neighborhoods, and of some problems caused by over-exuberant partisans downtown, but the Sun-Times this morning dismissed these as minor. Second City Cop hints this morning at a "media blackout" and, surely, more details will emerge. However, it is clear that there was no organized effort by any group or groups to take advantage of the celebration for improper purposes.

And -- once again -- may we please have a moment of silent gratitude for our Founding Fathers who invented the Electoral College? Democrats were grousing in 2004, and cursing in 2000, about the Electoral College, demanding its abolition as an undemocratic relic. Last night, though, we saw it function as it should: A relatively narrow victory by Mr. Obama in the popular vote was converted to a 2-1 margin of electoral votes. The popular vote margin shows no great national mandate, but the margin filtered through the Electoral College shows that the verdict of the People is clear. A clear verdict helps partisans on both sides to move forward. To heal.

The country can use some healing this morning.

I know some are questioning Mr. Obama's readiness to assume the presidency. His résumé is thin. But Herbert Hoover had perhaps the best résumé of any American President since John Quincy Adams. But it didn't work out so well for Mr. Hoover, did it?

Of course, given the perilous economic climate, Mr. Obama has a chance to become a 21st Century Hoover. (God forbid!)

For today, though, allow me to be the hometown booster I often am, and revel in the fact that a Chicago guy is about to be President. I'll be back to explaining why Mr. Obama's Chicago connections scare me soon enough. And for today, and perhaps only for today, I'll also refrain from providing my unsolicited advice for the President-Elect. He probably won't mind.


Shel said...

My adopted favorite city looked splendid last night. I had to defend it to a friend from Canada (she lives wayyyy in the boondocks and hates cities in general) and realized while doing it that Chicago is one of my two favorite cities in this country. (The other one is Dallas..sorry...).
Anyway, I've never been so proud of my adopted home state as I was last night. Mr. Obama is a powerful speaker, which comes as no surprise to anyone, and if his associations are a little tarnished, it didn't show last night. The crowd at Grant Park looked amazing, and even as much as Chris and I don't like crowds, both of us agreed we'd have liked to have been there last night. With a camera.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well it did look PRETTY good curmy, all except for that gang of drunk young people and especially the one with the flag with the sicle on it. did i spell sicle wrong? sorry. anyway, imagine that... already. jumping up and down like the puppets they have become. curmy i hid my poker winnings last night so he wouldn't get them and give them to the losers. i won over a hundred bucks! why that would be gone in a heartbeat. and lala said he has a rainbow coming out of his butt, i thought that was pretty funny...

smiles, bee

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Only the future will tell how it all turns out.

sari said...

I'm mad because we watched election coverage all night and I fell asleep before Obama came on to speak. I did see the city during the evening, it did look lovely.

Kacey said...

We're happy that you are proud of your city. It must have been wonderful for so many people. It is also wonderful for whomever he has backing him in Europe and Asia. You have to hand it to the Democratic Party for the slick way they handled the race and final vote. It scares the pants off me, but the whole world is in a terrible mess right now...poor Obama has the tiger by the tail!

Hilda said...

I agree Chicago looked fantastic and the crowd at the acceptance speech was wonderfully diverse and joyous.

You know I'm an Obama supporter so I'm beyond happy, also I'm *thrilled* that Florida went blue!

Yes We Did!

Patti said...

I wish our President-elect all the best now that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.