Thursday, January 10, 2008

A weighty issue at the doctor's office

Older Daughter was at our house a couple of days this week, coming back from New Year's revels with the Boyfriend's friends before heading back down to Champaign for work and school.

(My daughter, the college graduate, who works at Starbucks. Who knew that B.A. is short for BArista?)

Older Daughter was surprised that I was home early from work the other night, but I explained that I had a doctor's appointment. Long Suffering Spouse asked if I wanted a bite of dinner before we left.

Now Older Daughter was horrified. "You mean you're going to eat before going to the doctor?"

"Why not?" I asked, going to the kitchen to fill my plate.

"Aren't they going to weigh you?"

Long Suffering Spouse could stand by no longer: "It's worse than you know," she told Older Daughter. "He doesn't even take off his shoes!"

"No!" gasped Older Daughter and she and Long Suffering Spouse proceeded to compare notes about the various articles of clothing they routinely discarded before venturing onto the doctor's scale. It's a wonder they don't catch cold every time they go.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well at least daughter is not a college graduate unemployed and living at home?????

smiles, bee

Patti said...

Always take off your shoes. It's the American way.

Shelby said...

had to smile at Bee's comment - yep, she's living away from home at least... and yes, I take my shoes off when I weigh. But I care less than I used to, if that counts.

Jeni said...

It is truly amazing the plethora of wonderful jobs that are available to people with a B.A. and even with a B .S. too. I know- my B.S. in Rehabilitation Education finally landed me a full-time position as Assistant Manager of a truckstop restaurant - same bloody job I held when I started attending college. Really encouraging job scene we do have ongoing in this country today ya know.
As to the scales though -I already know before I set foot on those puppies at the doctor's office that the resulting numbers are gonna be depressing as hell and no amount of stripping is going to lower that figure to one that would be comforting for me to see! The only thing I put down before getting on the scale - my purse - not because of all the moldy money I don't have it it but rather because of all the added things one has to carry in the purse at all times ya know!