Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds

That was the headline tonight on Yahoo! News for this Reuters story about findings soon to be published in the journal "Social Science & Medicine" by a team of British and American researchers.

First reaction: Somebody got PAID to come up with this?

I hereby announce my willingness to do a study on whether the Sun is or is not likely to come up tomorrow. Or whether a person opening up an email account is or is not likely to hear soon thereafter from a Nigerian general's widow.


Shelby said...

No way. For real? Is this true? You got that email from the Nigerian general's widow too!



Linda said...

I feel so left out as the Nigerian general's widow has never emailed me!

How does one get paid for this stupid studies anyway? I can be stupid right along with the best of 'em!

Mother Jones RN said...

Perhaps we should coauthor a study about stupid studies, and bill the government for our time:-)